There are so many limitations to success that you definitely need to get rid, off your life, so that you can create an atmosphere of success. Because these they’re success or dream killers, that can limit your ambition of becoming what you desire to be in life, and puts you in perpetual slavery to failure. These limits includes: “POOR FAMILY BACKGROUND”. Do you always feel because you come from a poor Background, then you can’t make it in life? Then know this now: Most of the worlds most influentials, aren’t born with a silver spoon in their mouth. Some of them came from very poor and abusive background, without any hope of a good future. Infact many of them had no ideal childhood, they were abused, molested and some of them were drop outs. The man who invented electricity, Michael Faraday, was a dropout, the richest man in the world today, is only a carpenter. And so many others who had made impact in the world today. But irrespective of their backgrounds, they still became great and successful. They were able to do this, because they did not allow their background to affect their thoughts of adding value to life, and they never sacrificed their future on the altar of their past. They let go of the past, but focused more on creating a better and brighter future themselves. You definitely need to disabuse your mind from the thinking that, my dad did not succeed, my mom did not, my family is poor, therefore i can’t make it in life. This thinking puts you in perpetual bondage of failure in life. Know that you’re created for a purpose, and the fact that others didn’t succeed doesn’t necessarily means you can’t succeed. “ENSLAVEMENT”. Slavery of any kind does not put you in the right frame of mind for success, or put you on the right track of success in life. It hinders you from succeeding, and consequently makes you unable to look beyond your present status in life. Because you’ve become totally addicted. Drug addiction, alcoholism, rape, illicit sex, and all kinds of social vices and nefarious attitude. These are enemies of success in life, that can impede you from achieving your goals in life. Break every chain of moral enslavement, in order to liberate yourself for success. “THE CONSCIOUSNESS OF TERRIFYING, DISTRESSING AND DISCOURAGING DREAMS”. Some bad dreams or nightmares are success killers. They make you believe you can’t make it in life, or achieving anything in life will be too difficult for you, or be nearly impossible. Such dreams are enemies of success, they inundate your mind with negative thoughts, even when you try to work towards your goals, they always stand as a discouragement to make you abandon you ambition in life. You must know that being successful in life, is not on a bed of roses, you must definitely pass through difficulties and encounter various challenges, but if you can persevere, you’ll definitely emerge victorious. Disregard every negative dreams and work towards achieving your goals. “FEAR OF FAILURE”. This post will not be complete without talking about this limit. Fear of failure is one of the greatest enemy of success in life. It makes you unable to attempt or do anything in life. Candidly speaking, there can’t be success without failure, and there can’t be failure without success, both are necessary to bring out your best. From failure, you learn how to do things right, and what not to do. It isn’t a matter of how many times you’ve failed, but what matters most is being successful in the end. A life spent trying is better than one spent doing nothing.


Perfectionist, Self-sacrificing, Enterprising. Strong belief in justice and equity.

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