There is a purpose for every creation on earth, and that purpose is to compliment each other and use our potentials to add value to life. Every man has the potential to succeed in life, and also, use that potential to add value to life. There’s nobody in this life without a reason for being here. It isn’t by accident that you were conceived and brought forth into this world. “The fact that you were conceived and brought into this world, is more important than how you were conceived”. You definitely need to discover your potential and start using it to add value to life, and also carve out a niche for yourself. Now, what is potential? Potential is that innate ability that lies dormant inside you, and can remain dormant unless it is being activated. It is that ability to do something, that remains inside you, unnoticed until it’s put to work. A lot people pass through this life without discovering the great potential that’s in them. Have you ever realized that the richest place on earth, is the grave? Where so many potentials and talents have wasted? The pathway to discovering your potential, is the passion to add value to life. Once you’ve discovered your passion in life, the next thing is to look inwards to find out your potential. Take a retrospective look into your life, and ask yourself some down-to-earth questions. Like, what can i do? What do i know how to do best? And how can i impact on my generation? This questions will help put you on the right path to discovering your true potentials. However, this doesn’t end there, it isn’t enough to have a passion. The most important path of discovering your potential, is to put your passion into action. Like i said earlier, your potential can remain dormant until you put it to work. “Don’t always talk the talk, rather, walk the walk”. It is only when you go into the practical aspect, that you can actually discover what you’re good at. Because, you never can tell what you can do, until you do.


Perfectionist, Self-sacrificing, Enterprising. Strong belief in justice and equity.

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