3 Major Factors Can Make Your Dreams Not To Be Realized!

Do you have a dream of achieving something or accomplishing great things in life? Every great accomplishment starts with a dream, desire and passion. However, a dream will continue to remain a dream, until it is actualized. There are 3 major factors that can hinder your dreams from being actualized. 1. INDISCIPLINE: Achieving your dreams requires so much discipline. Success is never achieved on a platter of gold. It takes a whole lot of self-discipline to get to the height you desire in life. There is no successful person on earth that achieved his dreams without being disciplined. Discipline helps you to organize yourself, plan your time, organize your schedule, helps you to know what to do at a particular moment of the day. Discipline directs a man, and helps him to regulate his time, thereby accomplishing one thing at a time. Without self-discipline, you can’t do much in life, and your dreams might end up being a dream. Always find time each day to put your body under subjection and work towards achieving your dreams. 2. INCONSISTENCY: A lot of people have a dream and they work towards achieving that dream, but the truth is that, they’re never consistent with that dream. Starting a new project is one thing, but being consistent with it, is another. It is very easy and exciting to have a dream, and taking the next step of trying to make that dream become a reality, but the major ingredient that takes that dream to the zenith of success is being consistent with it. So may people failed to take their dreams to the acme of success due to inconsistency. If you’ve got a dream of achieving anything in life, you definitely need to consistently work towards it, because you never can tell what that dream may become, or where it may take you to, in future. 3. LACK OF FOCUS: Lack of focus is another major thing that has hindered so many people from achieving their dreams. Focus means, having “A bull’s eye” having your mind and your eyes set on your goals. Successful people are not easily distracted by what they see others do or say. They’re always focused on actualizing their dreams, and they must do all it takes to realize it. They always have their mind set on their dreams, and their eyes focused on it. They have a target, and they never rest until they have turned their dreams into reality. Focus is an important success habit you definitely need to cultivate, in order actualize your dreams.


Perfectionist, Self-sacrificing, Enterprising. Strong belief in justice and equity.

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