How Plants And Animals Helps To Balance Nature!

God created the world in such a way that everything is balanced naturally, and compliments each other, so that the earth can be preserved and comfortable for humans to inhabit. However, due to some unwholesome practices by humans that negates the original plan of the earth, the environment is becoming increasingly uninhabitable. And the consequence is the increased challenge of climate change and global warming. Plants and animals helps to balance nature and preserve the environment through “photosynthesis” by plants and “respiration” by animals. Photosynthesis is the ability of any green plant to utilize energy of the sun, carbondioxide of the atmosphere, water and minerals from the soil to produce carbohydrates. When green plants photosynthesize, they give out oxygen as their waste products. These oxygen is then utilized by animals during respiration, and releases carbondioxide as its waste products. Plants in turn picks up that carbondioxide released by animals for photosynthesis in order to produce carbohydrates as their food. This is how plants and animals helps to balance nature and preserve the environment. But unfortunately, the environment is constantly polluted due to human and industrial activities. Cutting down of trees also decreases the amount of oxygen required by animals for respiration. So, it therefore becomes imperative for all local communities to plant more trees, so as to increase the amount of oxygen, and also preserve the natural environment.


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