Cleantechnology is a term used to describe, products or services that improves operational performance, productivity or efficiency, while reducing costs inputs, energy consumption, waste generation and environmental pollution. Cleantechnology originated due to increased demands by consumers, regulatory bodies, government and industries in clean forms of products and energy generation. Specifically, perhaps, the rise in awareness of climate change and global warming, and their impact on the natural environment, from burning of fossil fuels. Cleantechnology(cleantech) is also a general term used to describe products, processes or services that reduces wastes and requires very little non-renewable resources as possible. Hence, the “Cleantechnology Trade Alliance” a global initiative to drive the expansion of cleantech, defines it as: “A broad base of processes, practices and tools, in any industry that supports a sustainable business approach, including, but not limited to: Pollution control, resource reduction and management end of life strategy, waste reduction, efficiency, carbon mitigation and profitability”. The term “cleantech” is often credited to Ron Pernick and Clint Wilder, who wrote a book called “The Clean Revolution: The next big growth and investment opportunity”.


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